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Good Soldier


The Good Soldier
24 January 1979
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Muse: Dean Winchester // Fandom: Supernatural
Name: Dean Winchester
Aliases: John Bonham; Father Simmons; Christopher Johnson Jr; Officer Gregory Washington; Jerry Wanek; Dan Hermansen; Ted Nugent; James Hetfield; Billy Gibbons; Dean J. Mahogoff
Occupation: Demon Hunter/Credit Card Fraudster/Con Artist
Family: John Winchester (father - deceased) Mary Winchester (mother - deceased) Sam Winchester (brother)
Date of birth: 24/01/79
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 150-190 lbs
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Blood Type: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Contact Number: 866-907-3235.
Dean is a loud, in your face, kind of person. He doesn't take shit from anyone and he's very honest, sometimes too honest because he can come across as blunt. He just doesn't believe in pussyfooting around, especially when there's something important at stake. He considers himself a ladies man, enjoys unforgettable nights with many women and has something of a way with words.

He's fun, playful and sometimes completely juvenile even though he's twenty seven years of age. However don't allow the facade to fool you because Dean is a survivor and what better way to survive then by giving the wrong impression? Deep down, Dean is a good guy with a big heart which he hides except when it comes to family.

He's loyal, caring, reliable and the one guy you can count on to be there for you. His love of his family is undeniable and completely unshakeable, he truly believes that he needs them more than they need him and he's willing to be there every step of the way.

Dean doesn't commit himself to anyone or anything beyond family, there was Cassie but that went bad and honestly Dean's never quite recovered. The first person he cared enough about to be honest with couldn't accept it or him but Dean doesn't wallow, brood or mope, he pushes on like a good soldier.

He's a stand up guy, a guy you can trust and a guy you want in your corner when the end of the world is coming and all you've got left is one shotgun.
Dean Winchester was born to John and Mary Winchester, a couple very much in love. Dean had a good childhood, up until the age of four, that's when everything changed. One night, his home was attacked and left burning as what was left of the Winchester family watched on with abject horror.

His mother was dead, consumed by flame and her body never found. It was at the age of four that Dean was given charge of his younger brother Sam, orders he would soon learn would be followed until the last were shouted at him almost desperately and without thought he complied. He bundled six month year old Sam up in his arms and ran out of the home that had held many good memories only to watch it burn to the ground a few hours later.

From that point onwards, life for the Winchester family became something else altogether.

His father became convinced that some kind of monster had killed his wife, their mother, and set off on a crusade to find it and kill it. Dean became a soldier in a war he hadn't agreed to, drafted and the amazing thing was he didn't even argue it. What dad said went because it was dad and he would never do anything he thought would hurt the family.

Dean became surrogate father and mother to Sam, looking after his brother as he grew up. They fought in dad's war together, slayed demons and hurt monsters and the brothers were near inseperable until Sam got older and he started wanting things that Dean couldn't give. He wanted normal, their life was anything but normal and the idea became a regular topic for arguments and angry words.

The thing was that Sam and dad were too much alike and Dean was always the one caught in the middle. Always the one standing between Sam and dad, keeping the peace and trying to smooth ruffled feathers. Only when Sam decided to head off to Stanford for a career in law, that's when Dean could no longer keep the peace.

Sam leaving was a shock to the system, a punch to the gut and Dean had been left reeling. At the time he'd been too hurt, too angry and too confused to do much of anything except clean his guns and listen to Sam and dad fight. This time, he wouldn't get involved. In his mind, Sam had made his choice and it was time for his brother to start fighting his own battles. Obviously he hadn't any more need for his big brother.

Four years would pass before Dean would see his brother again; they would keep in contact for two before a loud angry argument would split their ways completely. It would be their father's disappearance that would prompt Dean's sudden crash-landing back in his baby brother's life. Sam hadn't wanted to go with Dean but Dean had finally admitted that he didn't want to do things alone and Sam relented.

Their journey took them to a woman in white but no dad, Sam frustrated and anxious to return to normality implored Dean to get him back to Stanford in time for an important life changing interview. Dean did, said his goodbyes but his sixth sense. The thing that had kept him alive for twenty two years went into overdrive and he returned in time to pull Sam from the burning pyre that was his girlfriend and home.

Sam came back, to hunt and to find dad.

The journey's taken them through many towns, many hearts and they've experienced a lot of fucked up things but they've also rediscovered what family is. Even if it would seem that the only thing that matters to Sam and dad is finding the demon and killing it dead. Dad got close, close enough to find himself possessed by the very same demon and Dean nearly died because it almost ripped his heart out and then a ten ton truck barreled into the side of the Impala.

Dean was left comatosed and close to death, something his family was all too aware of and he in his disembodied state came to realise. He tried to fight his fate, tried to plead with the Reaper that he couldn't die and that his brother could die without him. The Reaper wasn't listening and managed to convince Dean that he'd turn into an angry spirit if he held on and didn't take the chance she was offering to him.

Unbeknownst to Dean his father was making a deal with the demon in exchange for his son's life. His father was willing to exchange both the colt and his soul. Dean was just about to succumb to the Reaper when the demon possessed the Reaper itself and brought him back to life with the words, "Today's your lucky day, kid."

Dean woke up and made a miraculous recovery and remembered nothing of his near death experience but he felt something was wrong; deep down in the pit of his stomach. His father came to see him, confessed to how proud he was and then told Dean a secret (some suspect it's the secret he's been holding onto forever) and then departed. Sam found their father lying on the ground and it was with Sam holding him up that Dean watched as his father left this world.

Dean's been ignoring his grief, functioning the only way he knows how and that's to block it all out and keep moving.
John Winchester: Dean's father, the ex-marine, gun slinging demon hunter. Dean respects his father, follows his orders and is always willing to fight whatever war or battle his father is raging. He even understands why his father has gone to the lengths he has and shares his father's incessant need to serve and protect. Dean has issues with certain aspects of his relationship with his father, always tends to feel second best and that he can never do enough to prove to his father that he's worth loving. He was given responsiblity by his father at a young age and a resulting effect of that was for Dean to feel more like a soldier than a son. He has been known to question his father's love for him. Having said that, Dean is loyal to his father and drops everything if he thinks he's in trouble. Dean now feels responsible for his father's death and can't quite come to terms with the fact his father is gone.

Mary Winchester: Dean's mother, deceased when he was age four but she's still remembered fondly. Dean hates that as he gets older he remembers less and less of her but he always remembers her smile and her caring nature. It's through Dean and his family that Mary's memory survives. He's often been told how much he looks like his mother and how he has a lot of her attributes.

Sam Winchester: Dean's younger brother, the geekboy sidekick as Dean likes to call him. Sam is what Dean considers to be the most important thing in this world and the next. He's spent his entire life protecting Sam and looking after him. He cares a great deal for Sam, worries about him almost constantly even if that care is hidden under a thick layer of sarcasm and good natured teasing. To look at Dean, you would never think him related to Sam as the two are complete opposites and yet they work together like a well oiled machine. He anticipates Sam, understands what his brother means in a look and completely gets the silent gestures the Winchesters are so good at. Dean without a shadow of a doubt would die for Sam. Dean considers Sam more important than himself, more important than the mission and more important than any woman who might be sharing his bed. Sam's his brother and Dean's lost him once already so he's unwilling to let go so easily. He also knows a secret, thanks to his father's last words, a secret that weighs down his shoulders and has yet to be revealed.

Cassie Robinson: Dean's first love, the woman that broke through his cocky arrogant defences and laid claim to his heart. Cassie and Dean had a brief but wild relationship, saw into each other's souls, the kind of mush that Ricki Lake dredges up on daytime TV. Only problem being that when Dean was honest with her about who he was and what he did she upped and left him. She slammed the door on both Dean and their relationship. Dean was left wounded, bitter and resentful. During his travels, he met up with Cassie again and they reignited the passion in their relationship but Dean left her this time. He never dabbled in relationships again.

Missouri Moseley: What can Dean say about Missouri that won't get him slapped upside the head? Missouri's the pyschic that Dean and Sam seek out after seeing her name in dad's journal. Dean had assumed wrong all his years that his father had meant the state. Missouri's a strong woman who unnerves Dean by being able to tell what it is he's thinking. He seems to have a love/hate relationship with her and it's hard to describe. Dean's never quite sure of where he stands with her and could do without her poking around in his head. He does have a great deal of respect for her, even tempers his behaviour some when he's around her but he's always on guard because he doesn't want a stray thought to reveal something he doesn't want to be known.

Jessica Moore: Sam's dead girlfriend, Dean didn't know her and never will know her now because the demon made sure of it. Thought she was hot and they apparently shared a mutual love of the Smurfs. Kidding.

Meg Masters: The woman he loves to hate, the she-bitch from hell and the pain in the fucking ass. Dean hates her, doesn't give a damn about using the word because it's exactly how he feels. Understandably he appreciates the fact that the girl can't be held responsible for what the demon makes her do but it's all the same to him when she's got dad and they need to know where he is. Dislikes the weird creepy stalker type obsession she has for Sam and plays "distract the crazy" with her a lot.

Big Bad Demon: The thing that killed his mother, the thing that needs to be killed and the thing that is going to die. It's as simple as that.

Andrea Barr: A woman that Dean and Sam met whilst working a job, as it turns out it was her father's past that was impacting on her present and the brothers did all that they could to help her. He could relate to her recent loss of her husband and found that her son Lucas was a lot like him after the loss of his mother and he could appreciate the value of their small yet broken family. Fortunately Dean and Sam were able to help them and Lucas seemed to be better by the time they left and Dean can be held to blame for Lucas' love of rock music. Dean knows Andrea is a good mother and respects her for holding it together when everything was breaking down around her.

Sarah Blake: A girl that Dean and Sam helped a couple months back, Dean didn't have a lot to do with her but could see just how smittened she and his brother happened to be, even if his brother needed a good hit upside the head to see it. Liked her, thought she had spirit and even told Sam in jest to marry her. Was very pleased when Sam finally gave in and kissed her.

Bobby: Old friend of his dad's, Dean respects him and values the help he's given to them over the last year. Has been crashing at his for the last couple weeks whilst fixing the Impala and trying to get his shit together. Still protests that Bobby's van was stolen and not abandoned in the middle of nowhere.

Ellen: The woman that owns 'The Roadhouse'. She's apparently a good friend of his dad's but Dean doesn't know how and maybe he doesn't want to know. He appreciates she's a strong woman, who obviously looks out for her family but he isn't exactly comfortable with her.

Jo: The daughter of Ellen, pretty girl with one hell of a right hook. At any other time and any other place Dean would have been all over her but right now, he's not in the right place and it's certainly not the right time.
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